Meet the Innkeeper

Innkeeper and host Andrew Geel had not been born when his grandparents purchased Thornhedge and turned it into an Inn. He was only five when his parents bought a house in Bar Harbor and turned that into a B&B. Hospitality is just the way of life for Andrew. He grew up exploring the mountains and trails of Acadia. Bar Harbor is his hometown, and he knows this island well. After college and a career in New York as a recording engineer, he returned to Bar Harbor in 2008 and has been managing the Thornhedge ever since. “I love Mount Desert Island, I love art, I enjoy good food and making new friends, and as innkeeper here, I get to combine all of those things. I might just be the luckiest guy I know,” Andrew says. He still explores Mount Desert Island with his cocker spaniel Benjamin, and when the inn is closed, travels far and wide. He always returns to what has been called the most beautiful island in the world, though, and takes pleasure in sharing it with all the good people who pass through Thornhedge’s door.

andrew geel